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Sharing assets has never been this easy.

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Manage your camps or lodges with a system built for versatility.

Room Allocation

Block rooms on a color-coded tape chart. Filter guests by type. Manage room shares. Autoblock.


Check room status. Receive live status updates from your housekeeping staff. Run over a dozen reports. Manage staff assignments.

Allotments & Suballotments

Give your clients and their sub-contractors the ability to book into their allotments and sub-allotments, respectively, via a secure Innfinity web app.

Accounting & Billing

Track Service Days. Review a comprehensive audit trail of changes. Export approved charge sheets to your accounting system.

Multi-Site Setup

Host your enterprise from a central server or on servers at your sites. Run your sites online or offline.

Site Safety

Track guests that drive in and out of your properties. Always know who’s on site. Be ready for evacuations.

Manage your remote workforce housing with a comprehensive software solution for your front and back office.

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Sharing Remote Housing Assets in the Energy Sector

Explore the benefits of bringing the collaborative economy to remote project operations within the Energy Sector with our CEO.